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Sexy Rexy Rosé


Sam & Rex


Sexy Rexy Roses

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Steve Hotchin

Dr. Sam McGredy, and Rex “Sexy Rexy” Hotchin. Sam, originally from Ireland is the fourth generation of his family to breed roses. In 1972 he moved to New Zealand and became a New Zealander. His successes in rose-breeding are unequalled – seven All-American Awards, sixteen Royal National Rose Society Gold Medals, four Golden Roses of the Hague, the list goes on and on….In due course Sam met his kiwi wife to be, Jillian.

Jillian had a small group of very social friends that she brought along with her, you might say this group of kiwis liked to party, and Sam being Irish was always one to also enjoy a social occasion! In due course one of this merry crew, Rex “Sexy Rexy” Hotchin, and Sam really hit it off, they would party until the small hours of the morning!

Sam, as the artisan rose-breeder, would always give a new rose a nickname, so a new pale pink floribunda became Sexy Rexy. In due course when it came to the commercial release of this rose, Sam stuck with the name, Sexy Rexy. Sexy Rexy, the man, was nothing like a dainty pink floribunda, but Rex was very proud that his good mate Sam would name a rose after him. In due course Sexy Rexy, the rose, went on to be a huge success, winning numerous accolades, medals and awards worldwide. Sadly Rex passed away in 1994. As time went by and I was planting some new vineyards I thought that it would be more than appropriate to grow a pale pink rosé. So with Sam’s blessing and just as he would craft a new rose, I would craft a new rosé. We started from the ground up planting varieties which we felt, when blended, would produce a rosé that was unique, like the Sexy Rexy the rose is unique.

The final result is a rosé made from a blend of Syrah and Pinot Gris, the Syrah adding savoury depth and berry fruit flavours (and of course the lovely pink colour) and the Pinot Gris lifting the blend, adding lightness and floral flavours. Made in a dry style.

This wine is made to enjoy with good friends, good food….

Eat, Drink and be Merry!!

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