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Our Wines

Ra Nui

Hand crafted wines from primarily estate grown fruit reflecting the best of Marlborough. Intense wines from specific varietals for serious wine lovers reflecting clonal and rootstock selection, sustainable winegrowning, low yields, specific vineyards, sensitive oak treatment, some ageing on less and ageing ability. Limited production.


Sexy Rexy

Our everyday, easy drinking wines. A softer style wine with ripe, disticntive fruit characters. Made to be enjoyed with friends, family and food - the best things in life!! Incidently, the Sexy Rexy name was my fathers nickname - and also the name of a hugely successful rosé bred by his great mate, Sam McGredy - a tribute to Rex and Sam and friendship and all the good times...!! 

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Limited Edition

 Single Vineyard range - at Ra Nui we have put years or effort into locating, planting and nurturing uniquely favoured vineyards in the Marlborough region. Our Limited Editionrange, includes single vineyard wines from our Cob Cottage Home Vineyard, the label featuring the image of the nearby historic Cob Cottage. These small batch wines are unique and will reward careful cellaring. Very limited production. 

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