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The Maid's Quarters

Well over a century old, the Maid’s Quarters originally housed the Maid’s who worked at the manor house of the nearby Pepper Tree farm. When the Maids vacated, the sheep then moved in, and for over 80 years the Maid’s Quarters was used as a Woolshed. When Ra Nui bought this block in 2004 we “baaa-ed” the sheep and have slowly renovated this historic cottage back into a useable state. Constructed entirely from heart rimu and corrugated iron, we have kept the Maid’s Quarters rustic, with an emphasis on its history, as originally a home for the Maids, then as a working woolshed, complete with the sheep exit doors retained, and finally its transition to a wine tasting room with unique character. As much as possible we have used recycled building materials, using recycled rimu flooring from the old Blenheim Nurses Home and second hand corrugated iron. Rich with history the Maid’s Quarters reflects the Ra Nui emphasis on re-cycling. The Maid’s Quarters is used for private tastings of Ra Nui wines.

Cob Cottage Road
New Zealand


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